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Shower Glass Restoration

Has your shower glass lost its luster? Is it looking old and dull? Have you considered replacement, but it turns out to be more expensive than what you would like to spend? HydroShield NC, now in Charlotte, has the solution! In a two-step process, our unique proprietary cleaning and sealing process cleans your glass and then protects it against future damage, bringing back that sparkle to your glass shower to like-new condition. We take pride in this revolutionary product, We offer the latest technology in glass restoration. Why replace when you can restore at a fraction of the cost. We will have your glass back to new in a day!

Before Restoration
After Restoration

Protected to Stay That Way

Once your glass is restored, we will then protect it with our proprietary HydroShield Glass Protection. HydroShield Glass Protection prevents damage before it has a chance to reoccur. Untreated shower glass has peaks and valleys, therefore, its prone to get build up from soap and shampoo scum, minerals and hard water. HydroShield Glass Protection fills in the valleys (that the naked eye can’t see), creating a smooth surface. Because our coating fills in the microscopic valleys of the glass and creates an irreversible bond, your shower glass will continue looking new for years to come. Our glass protection provides a highly durable, slick finish to your glass. The result is glass that gets less spotting after each use. It is also easy to clean, reducing maintenance by 75%. Clean up can be as simple as a quick wipe with a towel. It’s that easy!

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More Than a Warranty, It’s a Protection Plan

HydroShield Granite Protection comes with a 15 year warranty. We are a locally owned and operated business. We stand behind every application we do. If you have a question or concern, you call our Charlotte office and speak to a real person, not a large company phone number where you sit on hold and hope for a solution. We have factory trained technicians that will come to you and provide superior customer service.

We take pride in 100% customer satisfaction!