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Keep Your New Home In Charlotte Looking New

When you walk into your brand new home in the Charlotte area, the first thing you notice is how clean and shiny everything looks.  The tile and grout in the showers is stunning, the glass shower doors are spotless, and the granite countertops are just waiting to have a masterpiece meal created on them..

What can be frustrating for new home owners is how these surfaces will begin to age and get damaged in a relatively short amount of time.  We have the solution!  HydroShield North Carolina can protect these surfaces prior to you moving in.  You will have peace of mind knowing that everything is protected and will stay looking new for years to come.

HydroShield Peace of Mind

Protect Your Investment

The best time to preserve your investment in your upgrades like granite, marble,, shower glass, tile, grout and porcelain is before they are ever used. Prevention is the best defense against daily use and damage. HydroShield North Carolina is ready to apply our proven, “best in the market,” protective coatings to all these new surfaces, and prevent damage before it has a chance to occur.

Making Your Life Easier

eco-friendly coatings

Our revolutionary protective coatings make your new home easy to clean.  Your home’s cleaning efforts  will be reduced by 75%.  Not only will you see a drastic reduction in the amount of time it takes to clean your home, once HydroShield is applied,  you will also save  money, because there is no need to use harsh chemical cleaners. This creates a more eco-friendly environment as well as a kid safe zone, by eliminating all of those products you have to keep from their reach.  Clean up can be as simple as a quick wipe with a damp towel.  Really, it’s that easy!

It Just Makes Sense

Our customer experience is simple. Our HydroShield Total Home Protection allows customers to   eliminate the need to use harsh and acidic cleaners, spend less time cleaning, and take comfort in knowing they’ve protected their investment. Relax, we have you covered!



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